Sitting in an office is more important than many workers think. It is estimated that at least 80% of the average office worker time is spent at the desk or at work. This can lead to a number of different problems related to poor sitting and bad posture when there is insufficient sitting time.

The most regular issue with the chair is neck pain, back stiffness, or even wrist pain associated with stretching due to improper chair length.

Comfortable but also functionally designed to provide the right support in the right area. You can have a look at the best Eames office chair via

The range of Eames chairs has grown over the years. The whole set includes chairs for indoor and outdoor use. However, one of the most successful is certainly the office chair because of its combination of functionality and elegant appearance.

The Eames office chair is renowned for its thin lines and timeless design. Some designs are years old but still look new! It's strange to think that their modern designs are often hereditary!

The Eames chair is a creation of Charles and Ray Eames. They designed chairs for the private residence of Alex Girard and Eero Saarinen. 

The Eames office chair design takes into account the time office workers spend in their chairs. As it can be a homeworker for up to 8 hours in a stable location, it is designed to be very comfortable. Its convenience is based on reducing the pressure points. The Eames chair also provides additional support for the lower back. It also helps stop bad posture, with the positive side effects of relieving back pain and neck tension.