If you want to keep your car’s engine running for longer, then you need to provide it with the best motor oil available today. The best available today are synthetic oils. They are recommended over conventional best motor oils because they can lubricate the engine’s components in both high and low temperatures, which ensures superior wear protection.

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Additionally, they ensure optimum engine performance by preventing sludge buildup in the engine and minimizing the friction of components resulting from the heat in the engine. There is no doubt that synthetic motor oils ensure a better performance than conventional oils. However, choosing them for your car blindfolded or without any forethought can lead to a lot of many problems that you’d want to avoid.

There are many low-grade synthetic oils available on the market today; they have made it to market due to the greed or negligence of those in charge. Since these low-grade ones do not abide by many industry standards for quality, they can cause more harm than good to your car’s engine.

There are so many of these low-grade synthetic oils today that it is virtually impossible to come up with a list containing their names.