E-commerce is not a completely new phenomenon. Many companies have been involved in the exchange of electronic data on private networks for decades. However, the good side of e-commerce also has a dark side. If your business is mostly about the impact of technology, you are very vulnerable to technical problems and the solution is extensive security monitoring. Security audits are like accessing third-party technology throughout your business and transactions.

Commercial security system monitoring software for security audits includes policies, procedures, and controls that determine who has access to a particular operating system or company database in face-to-face or online transactions. It also includes resources such as files and programs needed to access them and who people are allowed to access them.

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Security audits help certain businesses and their companies achieve business goals that have not been achieved due to defects being used accidentally or on purpose. Unintentional threats include hardware failures that cause the operating system to crash

Malicious and destructive programs cost businesses millions of dollars each year, and security audits can take care of that. When properly implemented, security audits measure loss in terms of data corruption, decreased computer performance, hardware failures, data breaches, and time spent tampering with personnel. Threats from malicious programs and unethical company personnel can be greatly reduced through a combination of technological controls and administrative procedures. This is done technically with the help of security monitoring.