The media is always reporting on celebrities entering rehab, usually at a luxury resort-type rehab center. The celebrities may have a need for prescription detox, and they seem to stay at the luxury medical detox center for at least a month.

To some of us on limited budgets and insurance, some of these places are out of the question. To know about luxury detox you can visit

There is a reason these celebrities chose luxury drug rehabs, and privacy is not the main reason. Luxury prescription detox centers are usually because they offer the best type of medical treatment. The longer the stay, the more likely the addict will not relapse.

For example, oxycontin detox takes a long time. The drug has a very strong addiction to people, and the longer a person stays at a medical detox facility, the less chance there is of a relapse. It may take weeks for a person to stop having withdrawal symptoms.

Only then can the real rehabilitation actually start. In oxycontin detox, a person needs to learn to live their life without the drug. This cannot be accomplished in just a week. Longer stays are necessary for a medical detox to have a chance of working.

Detoxing in luxury can be very beneficial. The people who can afford this method of prescription detox are simply giving themselves the best chance at recovery in a relaxing atmosphere. Detox is hard enough without stressing about your surroundings.

Luxury detox facilities are usually far away from any temptation. There is no sense going through a program only to be able to buy drugs right outside the door.