What are the top three marketing courses that you can take this year? The short answer "Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing", and "Social Media Marketing". The long answer "The list here contains several free online marketing courses on various topics and fields".

If you enjoy digging into just one field in particular, here is a short table of contents for you to Jump to the section that is most relevant to you:

Offered by Skillshare. These are advanced digital online marketing courses that are recommended for intermediate marketers. Intermediate marketers are those people who understand how digital marketing works and can use it effectively for their own businesses. However, this does not mean that they have everything they need to be successful in this field right now. They can go over these courses at any time to expand their knowledge, but they should proceed with care since some of them might turn out to be quite challenging.

Available by Commission Junction. This is another great way for beginners to quickly absorb the fundamentals of Internet marketing. The Commission Junction training provides a great way to learn the basics of Internet marketing. In addition to the basics, the course also covers topics such as search engine optimization, social media optimization, online advertising, conversion tracking, lead generation, website marketing, article marketing, web analytics, website promotion, online branding, website creation, and web hosting. Intermediate marketers can then progress to more complex topics such as AdWords, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and online auctions.

Offered by Wealthy Affiliate. If the previous two courses inspired you to take action with Internet marketing, Wealthy Affiliate will inspire you to take even bigger action. There are four courses that are offered free and paid memberships. All these are available through a website called a wealthy affiliate. The first one is all about learning search engine optimization and how it is applied to the Internet. The second course teaches how to create simple landing pages and links to optimize traffic and the third one teaches how to get traffic from the search engines.

Enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate: The Wealthy Affiliate HubSpot online courses teach you how to generate income online by offering consulting opportunities. The main topic of the first phase is learning the basics of search engine optimization. The second phase focuses on building a basic website using WordPress. The third phase focuses on creating and publishing online content. Once you have successfully completed the first three topics, you will be able to enroll in the advanced courses offered by HubSpot.

Enroll in Google Webmaster Central: There are quite a number of online courses covering various topics relating to search engine optimization. However, the most comprehensive and complete online course that can help you learn the concepts on how to generate money online is Google Webmaster Central. At Google Webmaster Central, you will be able to find an assortment of tools and services that will allow you to effectively market your site. These tools will include RSS Feed applications, a Google AdWords tool, and many more. Once you have learned all the necessary concepts related to online marketing, you will be ready to enroll in the advanced courses.

Enroll in Udemy Courses: Udemy offers a wide array of online courses for beginners. Most of them are based on simple concepts and are meant to help people with little or no experience at all. One of the most popular courses offered by Udemy is "How To Make Money Online For Beginners". This course is targeted at beginners because it is easy to understand and contains several videos that show you the different methods that are used to make money online. Aside from that, this course also contains a forum where you can get help from other people who have successfully enrolled in the course.

The best digital marketing courses for beginners are those that provide comprehensive information about how to generate income online and at the same time, teach the users practical strategies in marketing and selling products and services. You have to read the reviews of these courses so that you will know if they have provided high quality and useful lessons. In choosing the appropriate course, you have to check whether the course covers everything that you need or if there are supplementary materials that you need to purchase. Most courses come with the starter package which includes only the textbook and one e-book.