A post hole digger is a very easy implementation to have around your farm or property as it saves hours of hard manual labor digging holes, or if you install a new fence can save you thousands of dollars from having to get a contractor to do it for you.

So which post hole digger is right for you? Below are the factors that will help you determine which post hole digger is right for you.

1. The size of the hole you are trying to dig.

If you are planting a rural fence with standard 125-150 mm treated pine fence poles, build a chicken coop or plant a row of trees, then you may only need a 6 ”- 9” auger. Our standard duty post hole digger for such jobs is great. Standard duty post hole digger can take up to 14 digs. You can also buy hydraulic post hole digger online.

Ground Hog HD99 Hydraulic Earthdrill Parts GroundHogParts.com

2. Does your tractor have hydraulic outlets?

While the heavy-duty post hole digger is stronger than the standard duty, it requires a set of hydraulic remotes for the ram to provide additional downforce. If your tractor does not have hydraulics, you can still use the unit, you will be unable to use the hydraulic downforce facility.

3. The land you are digging.

Our standard duty post hole digger is recommended only for ground that is free of rock and hard compacted soil. Since there is no ram in the hand of the post hole excavator, this unit relies on the ground being dug without a large amount of force.