A good set of shock absorbers is the second most important change you can make to a utility vehicle, and tires with correct alignment are paramount. Without having the conventional shock absorbers on your vehicle, your control will decrease and the car will skid or drift around it.

Automotive performance enthusiasts need a good set of front shock absorber if they want ultimate control. The main feeling the automaker feels is that non-enthusiasts either don't pay attention or don't care about this level of performance. So why use something other than standard car shock absorbers?

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Why Are Performance Shocks More Expensive?

The reason performance shocks cost more money is that the performance shock absorber is much louder. This increase in hardness comes with the requirement to reduce internal leakage or bypass. For normal riding, internal leakage is preferred as it provides a smoother ride.

Therefore, the base price for commercial shock absorbers is more reasonable than performance shock absorbers due to the lower quality of the parts, reducing the need for precise tolerances.

Usually, when a series of bumps appear at the end of your life the rod seal will break and the shock fluid will leak out. This reduces the damping properties of the shock absorber and can even cause air to enter the shock absorber, which then acts as a spring. The problem causes the wheels to jump, sweat uncontrollably, and the body rolls excessively. These are all very dangerous and can result in collisions.