In difficult times like this while we are in the current pandemic of the corona virus or the Covid-19, have you ever wondered how the people in tourism industry survived?


As we all know, anywhere in the world, tourism is one of the sources of income of each country. While borders are now being strict and airports are now being closed and flights have been cancelled since March 11, when the virus was declared Pandemic by the World Health Organization or the WHO.  


Philippines is a beautiful country because of the islands with white beaches. One of the famous destinations of the country is the whale sharks in Oslob, where local and foreign tourists come and go just to get close with these gentle giants. So, if you may ask how did they survive in times of crisis like this? This pandemic was the first crisis that the people in the town is facing since the time when the whale sharks became famous globally.


Locals are back to where they are or what they do when whale sharks are not that famous in the area. They go to fishing, farming and so on. They have to do a thing to survive. People are hopeful that after this pandemic the whale sharks will still be seen in the area and so they can continue to attract tourists.