Less-than-truckload (LTL) transport is the transport of small quantities of cargo that may weigh between 151 to 20,000 lbs. This quantity is significantly less than the complete amount for a complete shipping truckload to get a semi-trailer. All these less than truckload and full truckload shipping companies are often blended with other shipments to make a complete load.

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This puts the principal benefit of price savings because the price incurred in LTL transport is generally less than full truckload transportation. Considering that the load is significantly less than the entire truckload, you simply pay for a portion of the price of leasing a complete truck or trailer to get exclusive dispatch. You simply pay for the price of the specific weight of the merchandise that you hauled.

The arrangements are normally a product of transport options that were already processed by using freight transport software and other logistics applications which optimizes the delivery process.  

Businesses can benefit from their decreased prices rates by LTL carriers since they do not need to pay the high prices of carrier carriers. LTL carriers offer lower prices per pound compared to the package carriers so LTL transport is less expensive than parcel transport.

It's also more valuable for trucking businesses because their company is extended into smaller businesses. But, one major limitation is that transport by LTL carriers requires more time compared to full truckload transport.  

Another benefit of LTL transport is that damage during transit is decreased and stock conditions are simplified. This can be because fewer components are sent compared to package transport due to the higher quantity per package or a shipping load.