If you are planning to renovate your home, there are a number of options that you need to consider when choosing tiles. Among other types of tiles, porcelain is much denser than other different materials.

The reason is low water content. So it is a great choice for walls and floors because it is durable. So you can easily find porcelain tiles at https://linumceramic.com/porcelain-tiles/.

In addition, porcelain tiles are available with a longer life compared to ceramics. Although ceramic can be used on the floor, it is preferred by most of the people today because of its durability.

Their beauty is another important reason to choose porcelain tiles over other types of tiles.

Most businesses and residences today are no longer opting for porcelain tiles as they are usually more expensive.

Types of porcelain tiles

The reasons for the popularity of porcelain tiles are many because there are different types of porcelain tiles. Here are some of the most common types.

In the construction industry, the concept of porcelain tiles is very different from that of the ceramic industry. Ideally, there are four types of porcelain tiles.

Whole body

They mainly consist of selected ingredients which are first mixed, pressed and then fired at extremely high temperatures to achieve the required durability and product strength.

Although this porcelain gives an effective look, it doesn't look attractive due to the lack of design and pattern, which other types of porcelain tiles don't have.