At some point in life, everyone wants to renovate or upgrade their living space. Now if you are looking to upgrade the design in your space you might want to think about getting a statement chair. Nowthat you're looking to make a statement, you must be thinking how do I pick what going to work in my space? The easiest and most powerful choice of statement would be a choice of colour. The obvious choice here would be to buy a chair that's a colour that's different from everything else in the house. An example of bright colours would be turquoise, and if it's complemented with a bright yellow or orange pillow it's bound to stand out. If you want the chair to be the exclamation point of the, you want it to stand out, a different color is a really good way to go about it.

Also, you don't need to worry about chair matching because if everything is coordinated the chair will always stand out. 

Why make a statement with your furniture?There are times you take look around in your home and think there has to be furniture that’s better than this?True, there is great furniture out there. You see it posted all over social media and in magazines. But where are people finding all this mid-century modern furniture? You desire to have this too, it could be to make a statement, a luxurious statement. It's everyone's personal choice.