Knowledge of psychological first aid must be seen as an important tool needed in any emergency equipment. When we think of emergency equipment, we traditionally think of consumables such as emergency food, water, and accommodation that are essential for emergency response.

However, psychological first aid knowledge is just as important for disaster recovery. Mental disorders can occur after an emergency. You may click to opt for mental health awareness course

This article tries to highlight some practical solutions that anyone can use to recover from disasters and emergencies.

Psychological first aid can help you recover from a traumatic event. For example, according to the Department of the US National Veterans Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the following things help recovery.

Talk with others to support others or spend time with them;

If you focus on something practical, you can now do something to handle the situation better.

Positive diversion activities (sports, hobbies, reading);

Application of relaxation methods (breathing exercises, meditation, calming one's own speech, soothing music);

Get enough rest and eat healthy;

Participation in self-help groups;

Meditation, attention and exercise are the best ways to restore your mental health after a disaster and emergency. All are proven first aid methods for mental health.

Psychological first aid through mindfulness training reduces anxiety. Psychological first aid is also possible through Cognitive Awareness-Based Therapy (MBCT).

It has been scientifically proven that this practice provides psychological first aid for many people.