If you only had space on your shelf for one book on natural medicine, this might be it. Scientifically well researched and documented, Drs. Pizzorno and Murray present easy-to-read discussions on and natural approaches to over 70 common conditions.

Perhaps just as important as the conditions discussed are the introductory chapters on natural medicine and the section on the four cornerstones of good health, which guide the reader to a deeper understanding of naturopathic and holistic medical approaches to health care.You can buy best natural medicine through https://www.integrativemedicinenw.com//

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The most important decision parents will have to make concerning their newborn’s health is whether or not and when to vaccinate. Continuing research in the field of immunology has raised serious questions about both the viability and safety of vaccinations.

It is the responsibility of each parent to open-mindedly analyze the issues before buying into the present conventional wisdom. The thought-provoking, beautifully-researched, common-sense discussion in this book was written by a mother who was not getting clear and convincing answers to questions she was asking her pediatrician about vaccinations.

ADD and ADHD are trendy diagnoses that are currently being (mis)applied to almost every behavior or learning challenge that children encounter. This book should be read by any parent, friend or concerned relative before a decision is made to treat a child with conventional medication for behavior problems. Ritalin Free Kids offers safe, effective and lasting alternatives to ADD and ADHD.