While the market for color (Red, Green, Blue) LED RGB established, the market for white LEDs is still growing. When you think the industry still relies on white, non-LED lighting, such as televisions, automotive manufacturers, computer monitors, notebook computers, LCD backlights, etc.

 Many people were surprised that the business will generate revenue that missed the opportunity to convert homes or businesses for the LED. However, just because white LED lamp replacement and retrofits are finally on the market, does not mean that they should be on your shopping list directly. For more information regarding LED Lighting, you may search on google about professional led ring glow.

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 In very simple terms, the market for LED color and color change is ripe. While engineers are still looking for ways to make them brighter and more efficient, the holy grail of the LED industry is developing a production volume of high efficiency, high brightness white LEDs.

It might be easier to think of colored LEDs (RGB) and white LEDs in terms of other industries: Automotive. RGB LEDs such as an internal combustion engine: Reliable, abundant, easy to use and manufacture, and sufficiently well developed in terms of the potential of new technology or breakthrough.

There are many manufacturers, each using a different technology or combination of technologies to achieve what they believe is the "next big thing." Following this analogy, RGB LEDs mature enough to compete at their own expense, and a decrease in fuel costs is what new applications for LED color have not thought about before.