India's leading freight forwarder plays a vital role in the supply chain of any company exporting, importing, or transporting goods. It acts on behalf of the parties and is also responsible for selecting and arranging the required means of transportation, which can be airfreight cargo or ocean freight.

Most exporters believe that it is better to let an Indian freight forwarder be given the charge of all the shipping and logistics activities as they are experts and know their job well. In addition, they are very familiar with state laws and regulations for the import of goods or raw materials abroad. 

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Therefore, they can take care of all paperwork, payment of taxes and duties, shipping strategies, and everything related to foreign trade on behalf of the exporter.

In addition, Indian shippers handle logistical activities such as packaging, storage, delivery of goods to their destination, ensuring safe material handling, and other similar jobs.

It would be foolish for an export company to try to do all these activities on their own. This not only adds to the cost but if they do not know the rules and regulations, their shipment can even be confiscated, leading to loss of reputation and delays in delivery.

Indian freight forwarders are known to be very clear in the way they do business. They charge a fee depending on the size of your shipment, the mode of transportation you choose and your delivery destination. 

You will also receive details of export payments, import duties and other related charges. This in turn helps you make the right offer to your foreign customers.