According to the EPA, 7 out of 15 pesticides commonly used on cotton have labels classifying it as a known potential or carcinogen.

The unregulated nature of cotton production explains why, although only 2.4% of the world's agricultural land is used, 25% of the world's pesticides and 10% of insecticides are used on them each year.

It calculates one kilogram of pesticides and one kilogram of chemical fertilizers for every pair of jeans or t-shirts that are produced.

Turning this unregulated cotton into clothing requires chemical additives to be added at various stages of the process. Well! You can also buy cotton embroidered tops online for your baby.

These chemicals include oils, fabric softeners, bleaches, heavy metals, fire and earth retardants, ammonia and formaldehyde.

Given these statistics, it is not surprising that organic baby clothes are quickly gaining popularity, even though they are more expensive than traditional cotton clothes.

In addition to being a much healthier choice, consumers have also found that organic cotton clothing lasts five to ten times longer than chemically treated cotton.

The longevity of organic cotton garments is due to the abuse that conventional cotton experiences during processing, when the cotton fibers begin to rot before sewing. Also, it is very easy to buy organic baby clothes from Rise The Community online.

Sometimes it can be more expensive and harder to find, but organic baby clothing has so many health benefits that putting your baby in chemical and pesticide-free clothing is worth the money, time and effort.

Because they last longer than traditional cotton clothes, they are sure to make great handmade furniture too.

Kids' clothes online aren't priced expensively as well, if that is a consideration at all. They're more or less at the same price but the probability for discounts is much more online.

You can find piece after piece at discounted prices. And online stores have a greater opportunity for express sales, where you can shop for kids' clothes online at extremely discounted prices!