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Air Compressor Buying Suggestions

Need to find the best air compressor? Before choosing one compressor to obtain, knowing the compressor will ensure that the machine can perform the desired job. Buying a little too small compressor which is probably a waste of time or just flat out will not do the job. 

Buying too large an air compressor can be a waste of precious resources, especially your hard-earned money. It is worth quoting that price of a compressor should not come solely at the expense of your product upfront. The total cost of everything has to be determined by the final costs over the term or the life of the unit. 

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The questions to get resolved will be:

What is the highest operating pressure needed?

This is likely to determine whether a single-stage or two-stage compressor is certainly needed.

Is the use of maximum airflow important?

Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. To find out what you need, add each air tool to be operated simultaneously. When looking at the compressor, adding about 25% to your specified CFM numbers. It tends to give a decent buffer in connection with the consumption of the compressor is not known or unusual.

Does the machine need to be moved or fixed?

Find out whether or not the equipment will need to be moved around the facility or work sites are repeatedly or if it can be a stationary tool. This may help in assessing additional factors such as weight and size. 

More powerful pressures and volumes will need larger equipment size and heavier in-lbs since the demands horsepower, pump, frame construction, electrical components, and so on should be bigger to cope with this increase.


How to Choose The Best Rotary Screw Compressors

This is an important decision to make when it comes to choosing the best rotary screw compressor for your company. With easy to understand information on a particular type of air compressor you can easily get a reliable source of compressed air for your workplace. 

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It is the most important type of compressor which is widely used in the industry. The air compressor is ideal for precision work, efficient and quiet. They use advanced technology with low energy consumption.

What is a rotary screw compressor?

This compressor uses two rotors (helical screws) for compressed air. It is divided into female and male rotors. Rotor comes in many forms but easily fits another. As the rotor turns, the air is sucked in and trapped between the rotor. 

With continuous turning, the air is pushed to the other end and new fresh air is sucked. It is a continuous process, makes less noise and operates smoothly.

Various types of compressors

Screw compressors are expensive than reciprocating piston-type compressors but as comparatively higher capacity. It runs around the clock, throughout the year without much problem. 

When you need air quality, the type of oil-free compressors is what you need. It is also available in the form of oil-free or lubricated, where the air is pushed to one side by the rotor but this machine operates differently.  

Compressor-free lubrication is required for special applications such as in oil/gas plants, chemical refineries and large food factories oil-injected screw-type compressors require oil injection to carry out the actual compression process.  

This compressor does not produce oil-free air. It is used in factories, workshops and small machines where the lubricant-carryover was not a problem. This helps prevent rust and makes the machine run smoothly.