Packaging is essential in keeping goods, especially food products, safe and in good quality before they are used. There are various reasons as to why products are packaged. Primarily it is done to hold the goods directly in order to contain them in a single manageable unit.

One major reason as to why creative packaging is done by most manufacturers is to attract consumers to purchase the product. The appearance of a product is used by manufacturers and marketers to influence a consumer to buy it.

Companies usually invest a lot in creative packaging as this brings in higher returns when compared to other modes of advertising. 

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In some cases the packaging also contains helpful information about how a particular good should be handled, used, its contents as well as the ingredients used to make the product.

In marketing, it is considered important as it assists consumers to identify goods from a certain manufacturer easily. Among the manufacturers, it is done to differentiate similar products in the same market from those of competitors.

A product can also be packaged to protect it from damage, tampering, theft, breakage or leakage. For the perishable goods it helps in protecting the goods from changes in moisture and spoilage when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Packaging has become an influencing factor for most consumers when they are deciding on what product they want to buy. A product may have great features but it may not necessarily yield better returns when compared to a similar product with the same features but which is better packaged.