These days, hiring resume writers is not an easy task. So, to make it an easy process, we have enlisted few questions below:

Question # 1 – How many years experience do you have as a full-time resume writer?

While tons of experience does not mean a guarantee that the resume writer has the "write stuff," a significant lack of experience (two years or less) generally indicates a lack of breadth in the kind of knowledge that you will want to look at someone summarize your career into a polished document. A less experienced writers who collaborate with more experienced mentors, however, should be fine. 

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Question # 2 – Are you a Certified Resume Writer?

There are at least four major organizations that expressed resume writers. If the resume writer claims to be certified, you can confirm their status by visiting the websites of credentialing organizations. You can check this useful reference to find more about resume writers. 

Four major organizations are:

oCareer Directors International (CDI)

oCareer Masters Institute (CMI)

oProfessional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW / CC)

oNational Resume Writers' Association (NRWA)

Question # 3 – Do you have experience in writing resumes for my field?

Since you're obviously an expert in your own profession, it should be easy enough to engage the author in conversations that will reveal his or her knowledge. Unless your field really unusual, any good resume writer must be able to "talk the talk" and know many of the terms of your profession.