Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain wafers bonded to the front surface of the teeth to give them an attractive makeover. With the depth of approximately half a millimeter, these may be easily structured as the front of teeth. 

Also, the hardness and resistance of ceramic make those veneers long-lasting. Aside from porcelain, the ceramic or composite bonding material may also be used to manufacture dentures. Ceramic veneers can be used to counter the following problems:

porcelain veneers

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* Worn down teeth :  Teeth are worn down by excess grinding or intake of carbonated beverages can be masked together.

* broken or chipped teeth: Such teeth can be hidden under porcelain veneer with similar characteristics and color as the natural teeth.

* Stained teeth : while teeth whitening can remove several types of teeth stains, they assist impart perfect teeth color in addition to shape. These work well where spots are too difficult to remove with teeth whitening or prophyflex treatment.

* jagged teeth: Teeth which are not seriously jagged can be beautified using porcelain veneer. These veneers, when put over the teeth’s surface, look flawless and striking.

They can also act as alternatives to braces. They can help straighten teeth in a couple of appointments, rather than waiting for up to three years for dentures to demonstrate the desired effect.