If you've just gone through a thorough spring cleaning of your wardrobe and found that you don't have enough formal and casual shirts, it's time to change the scenario.

Many famous fashion labels have developed a range of attractive choices – both formal and casual. A bespoke classic shirt with an elegant standard design makes you look great and stylish.

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Men have the choice of a slim shape, shirts with normal and oversized clothes, and the choice of styles associated with it will surely amaze you. The rules for buying each category of clothing are very different.

Customizable and tailored shirts make you so smart and confident that when you enter your office, you immediately feel an expression of admiration and respect on the faces of your coworkers. It is very important to decide the length of the shirt.

The slim fit shirt is also known as a sports shirt. You can ask them specifically when shopping. Normal fit is slightly larger than the slim fit version and is ideal for men who want to hide paunch. Plus shirt size is loose and is perfect for heavy men.

The next thing to consider is the length of the sleeve. Long sleeve shirts with buttoned cuffs make you look professional compared to formal shirts with half sleeves.

The third point to consider when wearing a formal or casual shirt is shoulder width. Align the shoulder seam of your shirt with the tip of your shoulder and it will fit.