The reason the couple may consider couples counseling is widely varied. Sometimes there is a family of broad issues such as problems with the kids (or differences of opinion about how to discipline them) or arguments about how the household should be run. 

The next time this problem may be related to only one person in the relationship. This can be anything from a mental illness for an eating disorder or perhaps a problem with the abuse of some sort. 

All this can create stress that couples might find it difficult to work through on their own. Marriage counseling sessions can help families find solutions to their problems and teach them how to implement such solutions.

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It is common to feel uncomfortable when trying something new. This is especially true when you know you will openly display your problems in front of strangers (counselor). 

Try to relax and realize that you do what is best for your relationship. Each session will only provide a way for you and your partner to sort out your problems. 

This will help teach you as a couple to better communicate on not only issues raised during the session but also any issues that may arise in the future. You will be better able to understand each other and respect each other. 

Talk with your partner about the method that will suit your needs best and go from there. If you try one form of couples counseling and found that it does not work for you, then try other forms to build a relationship that you deserve.