Spinal reconditioning is an alternative form of treatment that can relieve various types of pain throughout the body. Bone pain can be caused from manual labour, or of having improper posture. In other cases, back and neck pain can be caused by a single injury that has caused trauma in the back and other parts of your body. 

One part of the spinal reconditioning can include chiropractic adjustments. During the adjustment, a licensed chiropractor will assess the alignment of your spine with his hands. You can choose Chiropractor Spinal Trauma for getting more information about chiropractor treatment.

Mechanical traction is one kind of adjustment in which you lie on a special table, and chiropractor licensed and experienced physical applying force to the spine to reduce pressure, and to stretch tight muscles. Patients rarely complain of discomfort during the adjustment, and often will feel an immediate sense of relief. 

Your chiropractor can also recommend rehabilitation exercises as part of your spinal reconditioning plan. These exercises will strengthen the major muscles in your back and midsection, also known as your core. These exercises will fix any imbalances in your body, and will be tailored to specific body and the type of problem (s) detected. Doing this exercise regularly, and how you have shown your doctor will complement the efforts of every handled in the back and neck were normal adjustments.

If you still have pain, water therapy may also be recommended. Doing certain exercises in the water is often less painful, and therefore more effective, especially in patients with excessive muscle and joint tightness. Because you are not weighed down by gravity your body is able to more thoroughly complete the exercises with minimal risk to muscles and joints.