Deep drawing could be a sheet forming method within which a sheet metal blank is drawn radially into a forming tool by the mechanical action of a punch. it’s a method that changes shape. You can learn more about deep draw presses online.

Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press - 60 Ton Hydraulic For Pillar Press - Banka  Machine

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When the part is drawn to a depth greater than its diameter, it is called “deep drawing”. This is done by using a series of dies to redraw the part. Flange wrinkles are the result of compressive stresses (hoop stress) Blank holders can prevent wrinkles by allowing the material to flow in a controlled manner.

There are two types of deep drawing: traditional and unconventional. Unconventional deep drawing processes are designed to increase the formability limits.

Some of the non-traditional processes include hydromechanical deep drawing, Aquadraw process, Hydroform process, and the hydraulic deep drawing process. 

 In this type of mold, the mold uses a rubber pad as the half of the tool, similar to the mold in a traditional mold set, to shape the component into its final shape.

Deep drawing is used in the manufacture of aircraft components, automotive bodies, structural parts, white goods, and utensils. Complex parts can be formed by progressive dies on a single press or using a press line.