Have you noticed that folks are living longer and with better health than ever before? Did you know that good oral health is a major factor in staying healthy longer? If you would like to keep your teeth for a lifetime and stay healthy well into your later years then a good taking dental health services is important.

Did you know that there are between 600 and 650 different types of bacteria in your mouth? Did you know that if these bacteria are not controlled they can poison your system? Oral bacteria can damage your heart, liver, kidneys, and other vital areas of our bodies. It is not good for pregnant mothers either.

So how do we prevent all these bacteria from taking over? Experts in oral health will say to brush twice each day, and after meals if possible. If you can not brush after lunch and most of us can not, then a good sugarless gum can help.

Some of the sugarless gum on the market today are made for this and are actually good for your teeth. The next step is to floss each day. Do not just go through the motions, curve the floss around the teeth, and do it correctly.

After that use a good quality oral rinse that contains fluoride and kills bacteria. If you do this every day you will keep your teeth for life and your body will stay healthier.