Virtual worlds are starting, in certain instances, to emerge in the stereotypes of becoming moot platforms such as geeks and nerds hiding out in their parent's basements. You can also take remote virtual campus through

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Instruction in Second Life is big business. The UK's Open University has an enormous presence in Second Life, with its chain of islands and a variety of lessons held on the planet for its class's distance education students. 

However, what is the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a virtual classroom? The pupils experience an immersive learning environment from the comfort of their own house. For distance learning classes, this provides a completely different level of involvement that may previously not have been around. 

Additionally, it allows individuals the chance to communicate in a learning environment with fellow students from throughout the planet, something which they could not have the chance to experience in sitting at an authentic real life span.

But, learning in a digital classroom does obviously have its own disadvantages. Where there's a dependence on technology, there's the possibility of something going wrong. Second Life, like many other digital worlds, is a constantly developing platform.

The mobile application also opens extra possibilities for student involvement with universities such as the University of Manchester Metropolitan which allows students to access chat rooms and discussion boards. Therefore students can continue discussions outside the teaching room, without having to be on campus.