Let's start by talking about the most important tool in your pizzeria, the oven. If you can afford it, I recommend you buy a wood-burning oven.

Your pizzeria will also need a variety of suitable supplementary equipment like pizza peel pizza paddle, pizza pan, etc. This is a complete list of all the equipment you will need to operate a pizzeria that can make hundreds of pizzas per day.

If you don't have the money to buy this oven, the alternative is the artisan gas-fired oven. Because there are no restrictions on this oven, it can be built in any city around the globe.

Keep in mind that the oven is just the beginning. Your pizzeria must be able to handle a high volume of food and keep a high standard of work.

You will need a large marble countertop or workbench to form your dough balls and prepare your pizza for baking. I believe that the bigger the workbench, the more you can produce pizzas. Your workbench is your engine for your pizzeria, according to me.

A refrigerator on a marble countertop with separate containers that have glass tops so you can safely place all your ingredients.

You will need a backup refrigerator under your marble countertop. This will be used to store replacement ingredients.