Pallets is one of the most widely components used by most organizations around the world when it comes to the transportation of goods. They offer several outstanding features that have made a strong popularity for many years. Traditionally, the choice of material for the pallet is always wood.

You may get wooden pallets at However, the use of plastic pallets is also increasing. When it comes to shipping, wooden pallets are the most common choice. They are not only suitable for domestic but also for international deliveries. Take a look at some pros and cons.

Advantages: There are several advantages of using wooden pallets.

They are more cost effective as compared to plastic pallets.

You can easily order custom palette based on wood.

Wood pallets are better for the environment because they are natural.

If damaged, they can be repaired fairly easily.

It is very easy to recycle wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets are stronger and able to withstand heavier.

Low maintenance requirements.

Wood offers more friction and thus it reduces the shifting and sliding.

The choice between wood and plastic pallets is often down to the exact situation you find yourself in. Here are some possible situations that you might find yourself in.

Pallets of wood have different weight ratings. Plastic pallets are generally not able to handle items weighing more than 1500 pounds. To send heavy items, you must choose wood pallets that can handle up to 3,000 pounds.