Open any magazine nowadays and you are almost sure to see some pictures of a celebrity at a plush show business party. Well, you don’t have to be a celeb to have great pictures taken at your own party. Whether the event is to be held in a hotel, a bar, social club,or even in your own home, you too can have fantastic photographs taken of you and your guests having a great time. If you are resident in Brisbane then you can also choose best photographer for events via

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There are a lot of exciting options about how you can use your party photographs. They can be used in key rings, fridge magnets or even presentation folders and photo books. These will make excellent novelty

gifts for friends and family, or can be sent as after party presents for your guests.

Having decided you would like your event to be photographed, the next step is to find a photographer. Of course, you can always rely on friends to bring to bring their cameras to take your photos, but if you want a top notch job done, then the best thing is to hire a professional photographer.

So how do you go about hiring a photographer for your event? You may be able to get referrals from friends and family who have previously used a photography agency to take pictures at their own parties. Another option and arguably the best one, is to switch on your laptop or computer and search for a photographer on the Internet.

By going online you will be able to check not only who are your local photographers, but also which ones are the best to take pictures at your event. Photographers’ websites usually have a portfolio of their work on display, so take a look at any photographs they have taken at other events. If you see a photographer whose work you like, and he is affordable, make contact with him.

Tell the photographer if the party is to have a theme or if the guests will be wearing fancy dress. Also mention the entertainment, Will there be live entertainment, will there be a DJ? All this is important in giving the photographer and idea of the shots he might take. Listen to what he has to say – after all he is the professional – and be prepared to throw in a few ideas of your own.