Wallpaper types: Most wallpapers can be divided into two categories: vinyl and standard sample paper. Vinyl is robust because of the protective layer. Most of the wallpaper is hung on the wall using the same technique, although there are some changes on some papers.

The main thing is to choose the right paper for the purpose and understand what impact the cover has on a room. You may also look at quadrille wall covering.

Painted paper: Like coating paper, there are other types of textured wallpaper that have been developed specifically for painting. Wood chips are the most common example.

Vinyl: This is a very popular wallpaper that is ideal for all areas of the house and has a surface that is easy to clean. Fixed abrasion properties vary depending on the level of vinyl.

Standard wallpaper with patterns: Again very popular and made in many different versions, because it is not used like vinyl, it is best used in areas such as the living room and not in the kitchen.

Hand-made paper and hand-painted paper: These are only produced in large quantities by specialized suppliers. It is often very expensive, but can produce amazing results.

Most of the paper can be applied to any area of the house, although some types of wallpaper are more suitable than others for certain rooms. However, it is worth considering the impact of various designs and patterns in terms of the use of space and style you want to achieve.