What's the first element you notice when someone first opens your website? If you know visual imagery, you're right! Because we process visual images 60,000 times faster than text, our visual elements really speak for us.

What your images say If you don't convey the right message visually through your photography, you can unconsciously confuse your audience.

Some retailers recommend including photos of anything that creates a complete "mood" for your brand. However, this is where things can get tricky. You may love pictures of lush gardens and steaming cups of coffee, but what do these pictures really say about what you have to offer?

When you create an atmosphere, all of your images feel cohesive and real to you. However, you'll also need your photos to visually show what your brand is for. It's hard to do this with stock photos. Hiring a private branding photographer can help you to enhance your business and promote your brand.

For eg.: A yoga website offers hot yoga classes for a wide variety of clients. Instead of showing a blank yoga studio photo or a simple yoga mat, they added a brand photo that shows how affordable yoga is for everyone.

When website visitors see the main homepage image (which in the world of our website we call a "hero image"), they immediately see the same themes of yoga and belonging that are communicated through the brand photo.