Every woman needs to use sanitary pads during menstrual cycles and that's why they use of pads is so high. If you spend money on disposable pads, you are wasting money. 

It's not about not using sanitary pads, but if there are reusable sanitary pads on the market, why not? These menstrual pads are very comfortable to use and last longer. 

reusable sanitary pads

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All materials that can irritate the delicate skin of your personnel part are contained in a disposable menstrual pad. Worst of all are the chemicals used in the plastic lining, which can easily cause infection or a burning sensation in the part. 

Meanwhile, the reusable menstrual pad is made of cotton and does not use any chemical ingredients. Every feature of this menstrual pad shows that they are the best and recommended product. The benefits are very long because every benefit is thumbs up.

Reusable menstrual pads prove to be very useful and comfortable. You can have them in various sizes, colors, and prints to suit your needs. They are very absorbent because they are made from natural fibers and not chemical gels. 

Another thing that makes them buy is that it is environmentally friendly and does not add to existing waste. Once you start using this menstrual pillow, you will never switch to a disposable pad again. When you switch to reusable ones, you will get the comfort and pleasure that you don't pollute the environment.