Mazda RX-8 is an unconventional but desirable sports car. It was first shown in 2001 at the North American international automatic exhibition and was launched in 2003. It has a design that still feels fresh and futuristic. RX-8 offers a unique 1.3litre rotary machine which is a very good automatic engineering sheet and provides excellent power and high revs.  

Mazda RX-8 is sure to change some heads when on the road thanks to its futuristic design and appearance that is not wrong. Mazda has worked hard on RX-8 details. Inside the cabin is amazing with a black piano dashboard and a very accommodating bucket seat. The cabin is very roomy and four designs make it very easily accessible.

RX-8 is better known for its unique rotary machine that can generate high revs and return 231bhp. It is equipped with a 6-speed shift manual gearbox. RX-8 has low rolls in sharp rotation which results in great body rolls and fun trips. You also get complete information regarding Mazda RX-8 via

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Rigid suspension, rear-wheel-drive layout, and direct steering match to give a pleasant trip on the road. The RX-8 pillar design does not make it a less safe car. Control electrical traction and side airbags and front are offered as standards in all models. 

The machine needs to be watched carefully and requires the right service after 80,000 miles to replace the end of pressing the piston end when they tend to wear. Plus rotary is also thirsty for oil and if most drives are around the city gathering soot and giving problems in starting. However, the cost of running RX-8 is higher because of the thirst for high fuel.