If you're a portable massage therapist then there is just one main item of equipment that is fundamental to success – that is the portable massage tools. There are lots of items that you must consider when choosing a portable massage tool in the regions of functionality, ergonomics, and comfort. 

You can find the best portable massage gun which helps in relieving stress at Stryke Recovery. This article will address a few items in these areas and give some helpful tips with this essential purchase. 

1. Who is the client?

Are your client's women, men, or children? What type of body style do your customers have – heavy-set, tall, short, etc.  Are your customer's athletes? Are your clients experiencing pain? Are you currently mostly pregnant women? Can they suffer from specific ailments? Or is your client-base a mixture of all these kinds?

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The answers to such questions are essential to the massage tools you want to support your clients. There are certain massage accessories and types that have been designed for each one of these clients. There are accessories made for women who are pregnant and for breastfeeding aid. Athletes could be tall or large and require wider and longer massage tools.

2. Which kind of massage can you currently practice?

Do you practice somewhat lighter techniques like acupressure, hot rock massage, or Reiki? Can you focus on a specific part of the body? Or does one exercise an integrative approach that integrates different modalities based upon the client's needs? 

3. Strength and Stability

No matter your client type and the kind of massage you practice, acquiring a robust and hardy portable massage tool is essential to make your customers feel comfortable and safe.