It seems that every week more and more exotic countertop choices are on offer. This is especially true for marble slabs as there are innumerable natural designs that earth marble makes.

Beautiful marble world

This is the main selling point of marbles. Other types of synthetic stones and countertops can be beautiful and much more durable, but there are so many "fantastic" types of marble to choose from. However; Most providers try to limit the choices they provide to their customers to what is economically viable.

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marble kitchen countertops

Marbles all over the world

It is said that while there is marble in every corner of the planet that makes one dazzled by beauty, it can become prohibitively expensive very quickly. However; You can bet that your supplier strives to make the best choice and has good looking marbles to choose from in a wide range of prices.

However; Before ordering your contractor to completely rebuild your home from marble, you should be aware that it is a relatively soft and porous material. This doesn't mean it's soft to the touch, it just means that other materials like black granite are much tougher and more durable.

Marble slabs and floors need to be kept clean and tightly closed! The good news is that there are now high-tech sealants and cleaners designed specifically for marble countertops. It is important to remember that any stain that needs to penetrate the marble slab is "forever" there. So you have to stand on the maintenance of your marble.