Lexson aims to become the leading hydraulic press machine manufacturer in China. We are more than just a hydraulic press manufacturer. We can be your supplier for world class hydraulic press solutions. Meanwhile, we focus on engineering and personalization – we manufacture the strongest, highest quality and most reliable hydraulic press machines and custom molding equipment for your specific application. You can also get the information about hydraulic press parts.

DEES Hydraulic Presses/HD Series

Thanks to its strong research and development capacity and strong marketing capabilities, Lexson is rapidly expanding its business worldwide with products such as 4-stage presses, servo presses, hot plate presses, C-frame presses, desktop machines, and others. With years of design and manufacturing experience in many industries and applications, Lexson is confident that they can build a hydraulic press to your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Hydraulic press machine safety measures are always one of our most important questions for any hydraulic press solution. From easy access to emergency stops, a complete set of optical safety sensors that cover all exposed sunlight, to side-locked articulation safety nets and safety grating in case of hydraulic system failure, we are building the largest safety hydraulic press in China.