Web hosting provides required tools and services to individual and organization to post a website onto the internet. When viewers want to search a site, they need domain or address of a site to browse. The system will connect to a server and at last, Web pages will be shown to the searcher.

The List Of Features You Would Expect From The Providers:

Email Features:

In a company, each individual of the department needs their own Id for professional use. Some providers offer a limited number of email addresses whereas, on the other side, superior providers deliver unlimited email ID's.

FTP Access:

It allows you to upload a file from a local system to a web server. But in case, you form a website using your own HTML, you have the right to transfer a file from local computer to web server via FTP (it allows your website to be accessed through the internet).

WordPress Tool:

It is a powerful tool which is used to create and manage an online website. To host a WordPress website, you need PHP version 7 or high and MySQL version 5.6 or high.

Unfortunately, the tough part is to choose the best hosting provider, rest they'll take care. Relax if you're not from the technical department, hosting provider will cope up with all technical aspects your site requires.