In recent years, the driver of the truck has become one of America's most sought after workers; America's economy growing rapidly at a rate faster than the truck company can compete with. In addition, most of the current truck drivers will begin to retire over the next few years.

That coupled with the thousands of new driving job forms has created a huge shortage of truck drivers. This is probably not the best news for the economy, but it is very beneficial for the individual truck driving career start. You can browse this link if you want to become a professional truck driver.

If you are looking to start a new career, truck driving just might be your answer. Preparation is not difficult, but you must fulfill several requirements.

Finish high school or get your GED (general education diploma). Most of the truck driving companies prefer to hire individuals who have graduated from high school (although this is usually not a legal requirement).

You must be a US citizen, speak English, and have a valid driver's license from the state in which you reside. In addition, you must be at least 21 years old to drive cross-country. Some trucking companies will hire 18 years of driving in the state.

Professional truck drivers are required to obtain a CDL – commercial driver's license in order to maintain an employment truck driver. To get a CDL, you must take the test at the local DMV, which consists of a written part and partial driving.

You should be able to pass a physical exam and drug test given by the US Department of Transportation. This is to ensure you do not have a physical condition (or substance abuse) that would interfere with the safe handling of commercial trucks.