Insulating materials come in different kinds to suit its particular purpose and needs. Here are a few of them in brief. 

Insulating sheets – come in either the form of batts or rolls. These sheets are quite thin compared to an insulating blanket which come with a varied range of thickness These sheets are mostly manufactured to wrap around air-conditioned shafts to maintain insulation and keep the machine cool at all times. These insulating sheets can also be used in your regular household setting but it's not recommended as it is harmful for human health without proper precautions, which is really never taken as it's often left exposed either in the basement or attic. 

Insulating foam – spray foams are also available to choose from now with the advancement in technology. The roof of houses and buildings are usually sprayed with the foam for a comfortable stay. The spray also comes in two kinds; an open cell and a closed-cell spray each suiting their respective purpose. The difference is that closed-cell foam has tightly packed cells that don't let air pass through whereas open cells form is lightly packed so there is a passage of air. 

Choosing the right kind of insulating material isn't that difficult, all you need to know is if the material is relevant for your needs. If you're less aware and would like some guidance you can always look for glass wool insulation material online for an expert manufacturer, and they can guide you on all your insulation needs.