The defense base act is a federal employee compensation plan. It protects contractors and subcontractors who work overseas on US military bases or behalf of the US government. If the contractor is injured or killed, the contractor or their loved ones are entitled to compensation.

Defense base act insurance is insured for almost any person who works as a contract worker for the USA out of the nation, irrespective of the state of origin, nationality, or occupation name. For more information about defense base act insurance you can visit

defense base act insurance

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If an injured employee qualifies as a DBA contractor, he or she is entitled to the full DBA insurance benefits.

What types of injuries are claimed under the Protection Act?

Any kind of bodily injury, chronic illness that results in death, or other injuries covered by DBA insurance. The defense base act is part of a compensation system similar to employee compensation for the general public in the United States. 

The only difference is that the DBA only applies to contractors operating overseas. Any work-related injury entitles the employee to a service contract.

Some situations may include accidental or work-related injuries, disposal of weapons by enemy troops or persons, or car accidents caused by any cause, including during military activity. 

An employer, operator, or legal representative may request a one-dollar refund for all medical services and funeral expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, court fees, witness and expert opinions, and other items found in assignment of liability  reasonable under the defense base act.