Dental procedures have now become more convenient because dental hygienists are provided with new tools and techniques. Optimization of diagnostic tools such as digital radiography, oral cancer screening tool, and intra-oral cameras have made dental procedures easier. If you want to know more about the dental procedure then you can also visit at

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The result is faster and patients do not need to wait for several hours to figure out the next step.

The following is a comparative view of how a dental procedure done before and how it is done now:

1) Digital radiography – The conventional method involved a higher risk due to the use of radiation and chemicals. New technology today still involves radiation and the use of chemicals, but for minimized rate but with faster and clearer assessment of the problem.

2) Intra-oral camera – In the past, dentists can only rely on what they see and largely ignore areas in the mouth that is too far away for visibility. Intra-oral camera is now available, it has become a great tool for documentation and resources for dental education for patients and dentistry students.

3) Caries (cavities) diagnostic and detection tools – Long used method of quantitative light fluorescence while the tool is currently using laser technology that is less invasive.