Realizing that capsule fillers will help you speed up the encapsulation process is a step in the right direction to maximize your time. Since we now have various sizes and types of refills, it's not uncommon for our customers to have questions about which model is right for them.

The good news is there is a filler to suit your needs, whether you usually work with colored or clear capsules, large or small capsules. Since each capsule filler only works with one capsule, a specific capsule filler is required for each capsule size you will be using. You can also look for automatic capsule filling device online.

Which capsule fillers are best for personal use and which require professional personnel?

If you are making capsules for personal or family use and only need to make a bottle or two, try our manual capsule fillers in sizes 20, 50, or 100. You should purchase pre-separated capsules or separate the capsules by themselves while walking.

If you work with sizes other than 000, 00, or 0 and don't want to split the capsules, we recommend semi-automatic capsule fillers. Before purchasing capsule filler, make sure that the capsule is the correct color and style in the long run. Some colors or capsule types may not be separated in advance for use with manual refilling.

Some capsules, such as B. organic vegetarian, chlorophyll or other special dyes were not previously available separately. If you choose to work with these capsules the machine is the semi automatic capsule filler for you. Semi-automatic cartridges use capsules that glue and separate for you.