Call forwarding or calling calls, this telephony feature is what you need to make great customer service, get each call, and streamline your communication. Going for call fowrding service is Cheaper than your current bill.

With capabilities such as planning conditional and unconditional calls, this feature is here to make your operation more reliable.

All-out availability

Are you struggling to serve customers all the time?

Then you start using a call forwarding service. Divert calls ensure that all your customer service departments are available in caller services.

In addition, your agent can choose a call forwarding number and divert their calls if there is no physical.

Great customer service

There is no more stress about poor customer service. With call forwarding, you know that someone or another is there to attend customer calls. Also, when every customer gets a telephone answer, they tend to build big trust in you.

There are no location limits

After the office hours are complete, you can divert your business phone number call on your mobile (known as a call forwarding number) and be in customer service regardless of location and time.

Full service package

More than just answering calls forwarded; Call forwarding services you are able to do many things. You can set the call group, get the routing time, multi-calling device calls, find-Me facilities, and can set up consecutive ring rules.