Towels are not highly advertised products, yet department stores and online web stores have an abundant collection for the same. So how does one know what to look for in a bath towel? This article provides a guide to what to look for when looking for soft and absorbent bath towels online or in retail stores.

Tenderness is usually the deciding factor for a lot while buying luxury bathroom towel sets. However, measuring the softness is easier in stores while purchasing bath towels online.  The deceiving quality of softness may fade after a few washes, as retailers add fabric softener to make them feel fine.

They have to be treated with fabric softeners lessen in absorbency over a period of time. Because one can not touch or feel them online, reading their description can give an idea of their quality.

How can one measure the quality of bath towels online?

When buying towels online or in retail stores, one must examine the description or tag to check the contents. If it is Pima, Turkish or Egyptian cotton, the towels will be thick, soft, highly absorbent and comfortable. Cotton and polyester blended are less absorbent and slightly rough.

The thicker and heavier towels are usually more absorbing than the thin, lightweight towels. However, thick towels take longer to dry. Bathroom towels made from 100% Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton, or other varieties of premium cotton, are very absorbent. Bamboo towels and organic cotton brands that became popular are also very absorbent.