The Ward is John Carpenter's first movie since "Ghosts of Mars" nine years back. The movie opens on a dark and stormy night at a mental institution. 

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Inside one of the rooms, a young female patient is really sure that there is someone or something creeping outside her room.

As she stands to take a look through the door's window, then she is strangled from behind by what can only be a ghost, because the door was locked from the outside.

The next morning another young woman, Amber Heard is operating throughout the countryside. She finds a vacant house, whose address was written on her hand, and instantly sets fire to the curtains thus burning the house down.

The police find her collapsing at the scene and she is instantly taken to the asylum where the very first woman was taken.

Once there she tells nurse Lundt that her name is Kristen. She's then taken to the titular ward where she meets the typical suspects.  Nurse Lundt is somewhat reminiscent of Nurse Ratched in the way that she'll inject any individual who goes haywire and there's the good Dr. Stringer who only wants to help. 

Also on the ward are Emily the cynical one, Sarah the bewitching one and others who play with a stuffed rabbit and one by one they're killed by the ghost which haunts the ward.