One of the main reasons why most people use blogs on ad networks is making money. While there are many other ways to make money with your blog, bloggers/publishers prefer the most popular online advertising networks. There are actually thousands of other ad networks to choose from.

Of course, you only have to consider those who are performing well, offering high CPCs, tracking real-time clicks, and paying on time with minimal payments. You can easily get the best ad network for publishers in India via

Here are some real and proven ad networks that you can use to generate revenue for your blog:

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First, AdSense is considered the best ad network by most website owners and bloggers. You will see contextual ads that get more clicks on your blog.

AdSense, which has the best CPC on the market, pays you the highest for every click on the ad on your blog. Although AdSense has very strict rules, a good website can be easily approved by Google AdSense.

Second, Chitika offers geo-targeted advertising and is considered the best alternative to AdSense. Alternative ads will appear if none of the ads in your inventory match your website.

Third, InfoLinks is a text ad network and loads scripts when you open your website. With its own algorithm, ads are matched to your impact keywords in certain geographical areas.

In addition, contextual keywords are matched, related ads are downloaded using full-page analysis, and keywords are highlighted automatically. It offers a clickthrough rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) as reasonable as other large ad networks.