Appreciate your baby's love in one of the oldest traditions by wearing their name by your heart. The name chain for baby (in German Namenskette fr baby) in gold, and silver, with precious and semi-precious birth month stones as lovely accents become family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.

There is no love like that of a mother for her baby and the love of a mother never ends, even when the baby has long passed into an adult. That special bond is unbreakable. Gifting a mother the name of her child in eternal, precious metal is one of the most loving and concerned actions you can do. There are no words to describe love – only the name of her sweet newborn can evoke that deepest of connections.

Choose silver for the purest love

If you are looking for the one in all the baby names that will be perfect, then look into your own heart and see what's there. What to you would symbolize that pure emotion – Silver? Gold? Pure silver is like the crystal clarity of the moon. If the mother wears silver most often and enjoys the simplicity and strength, then choose a necklace in sterling silver that reflects that quality.

Choose gold for the deepest desire

For mothers who like the sun and have warm and bright nature, choose a necklace that celebrates the baby's name in gold. Baby name necklaces that delight mothers are 24kt gold hammered circles representing the perfection of the family unit, suspended on a 14kt gold chain and accented with precious birthstones. Each birth can be celebrated by adding additional 14kt gold-filled charms delicately inscribed with the name of the baby.