There was a period, not too long ago, when a processor in an automatic cup would price you 100's of money to fix. Luckily, today there are ways to fix a vehicle's windows that don't include changing the cup. 

So when you're zipping down the highway and a wayward stone smacks into your windows, relax slowly, a simple car screen fix is probably available as close as the next off-ramp. There are many companies like Florida Safety Auto Glass that provide the auto glass repair in Florida.

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Look at the destruction through a magnifier. If you capture a processor in the cup before it becomes a break, you'll save yourself 100's of money. Not only will longer breaks require you to gradually substitute the windows, but they'll also entice dust and other street dust that can become a safety threat.

Buy an affordable windows fix kit. Sticky hypodermic injection packages price about $10 and are available at most large shops or automatic supply shops. Keep it simple and choose an easy-to-use kit. More expensive and complex packages are available, but they are no better than the affordable ones.

Clean and dry your windows. Injection packages won't work with wet windows or in excessive temperature ranges. So unless the elements are perfect outside, take your car into a garage area for the fix.

Peel the support movie from one of the adhesive pieces that came with your kit. Center it over the processor in the windows and apply it to the cup. Next, use a dull item to burnish it and eliminate the staying movie. Take the kit's nasty adaptor, keep it top to bottom, and put it to the movie. Burnish again.