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Different Types of Door Access Control Systems In Sydney

Door access authentication systems are essential to ensure that the right persons are entering your facility. The options that allow you to authenticate every entry made to your organization are not few.

Door access control systems at workplaces can include everything from entering specific numbers on a keypad placed at the main entrance to biometric authentication.

Each of these high-quality access control systems may offer a different level of security, can have different working mechanisms, and may vary in their prices. Here are the different types of door access authentication systems that you can consider for automated authentication:

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Keypads: The most inexpensive door access authentication system is a keypad system that is attached to an electric lock. For a single door entry, most businesses use a lock that has a specific pin. However, this is not considered ideal for security reasons.

Card credentials: Another way of improved security is providing each employee a card or credential that has a unique number embedded in it. Previously such cards held bar codes and magnetic strikes for unique identification but these days cards with radio frequency identification type systems are available that carry an encrypted number.

Fingerprint authentication: There are several systems and a number of technologies that are available to read fingerprints. Fingerprint identification systems can use either a scanner or pressure-sensitive materials. You don't have to worry about your card getting lost or stolen. This is one of the most secured door access authentication systems.

Facial recognition: A facial recognition system depends basically on capturing and identifying your facial metrics. When employees are registered for this system a picture is taken that is later used for comparison at the door.

All About Access Control Systems In Sydney

An Access Control System (ACS) is just one tool that allows a number of employees to enter and leave a part of a particular organization or area while barring others. This device provides the ability to provide a single gateway to a wide network of buildings, including garden gates.

Access systems can also be used in conjunction with working hours and attendance systems and other different levels of security. You can also check out here to get more information about access control systems.

ACS provides enhanced security mandatory for many forms of business. In some countries, ACS is a prerequisite for working and contracting with their respective government units.

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Like other types of systems, an access control system consists of many components. One of them is a way of identifying the person authorized by the system, as well as the device that can be used to unlock the door.

One of the main devices used by access control systems is the keyboard. Keypads are usually used right in the entrance with the security at the door and this is a less expensive system. They are easy to use. However, they are also less secure, as people may have a tendency to write the input code on paper or accidentally pass the code on to someone else.

When it comes to access control systems, the key word is control. The big difference between a free exit and a controlled exit system is that in a free exit system there is absolutely no obligation for a person or vehicle to leave the safe area.