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All the dates on the Live page are now 100% up to date. For those making the enquiry, yes 23rd May which was scheduled as a Birmingham date is now, an ‘off’ day.

As most of you know already, the bands fifth studio album ‘Antichrist’ will be released in just over a months time, May 28th on Earache records. There is a full track from it, ‘Summon The Antichrist’ available at the Antichrist MySpace page.

U.K. demoniacs AKERCOCKE have completed their controversial headline tour, and have released their latest opus “Antichrist” this week.

Despite problems in Northern Ireland in the wake of their appearance on the “Nolan Live” show, the band completed all dates and enthralled fans by playing new material from the album in advance of release.

Frontman Jason Mendonca reflects on the tour and the controversy: “A huge thank you to all the brothers and sisters who came out and supported the U.K. tour. The excursion with comrades CEPHALIC CARNAGE, TED MAUL and BURNING SKIES was a resounding success. It was an honour to play to so many enthusiastic fans — thank you all. The Dublin and Belfast shows were superb, despite the threat of adversity from certain establishments.”

“Antichrist” was released on Monday, including a limited-edition version with two bonus songs in a deluxe super jewel case.

Mendonca continues: “Thank you to all the true Akercocke fans who went out and bought ‘Antichrist’ this week instead of downloading illegal poor quality MP3s. It’s your support that enables us to continue the project and make further albums.”

The band is lining up more live performances with details to be revealed shortly. AKERCOCKE’s new video for the track “Axiom” will also be available to view imminently.

Important announcement

Bassist Peter Theobalds announces his surprise departure from Akercocke as founder members Jason Mendonca and David Gray celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. Peter has said of his departure:

“It’s been possibly the most difficult decision in my life to make but after 10 years of the beast that Akercocke has become, it’s time to hit the highway in search of new adventures.

My reasons are many and varied but the principal factor has been that the original vibe that drove me to play has gone, the fun, the utter immersion of the music and friendship and the camaraderie has been slowly eroding for me personally over the last year or so.

It’s given me so many unforgettable moments and brought me into contact with some amazing human beings and situations and I shall sincerely miss all of those aspects. But my heart tells me its time to seek other ideas and situations.

I will NOT be giving up music however and will continue to bash out some form of pseudo metallic noise until chronic rheumatoid arthritis turns my hands into claws or Alzheimers finally puts paid to what little common sense I currently possess.

Massive massive respect to all those people that have been so unbelievably supportive and encouraging: – my family, the fans, the crews, the bands and other random maniacs that have been there for me all the way. I’d love to do a thank you list but it would just be so long and I’d inevitably forget someone and get branded a total cunt (again), so I’ll just say that I raise a glass to all of your honor!